Look for a great night out in London?

We have found some of the best places for nightlife in London.
Check out 12 of the rocking riverside pubs where you can enjoy boat races from the Start and Garter where they start off the day with drink deals and serving Camembert and cheese boxes. Or stop by the Thai Square Putney Bridge that is a beer garden with live music that goes throughout the night until 2am. The Dukes Head that has witnessed almost every boat race in history and rooms that include the Rowing Club and The Coxswain Dining Room. Or you can stop by the Soho Pop-up for a delicious treat. London’s sweetest vegan treats with sticky toffee pudding and ice cream. Another great place London has to offer is The Magic Roundabout with street food vendors, Asian BBQ, some of the best clubs with top-notch DJ’s.
The Cauldron Pub is a magical cocktail club where you are given a robe and wand. You can also make your own potions with bubbles and spout smoke that change color. Bartenders can also make you a drink that spits flames when they sprinkle a magical powder on top.
There is also the Flight Club where you can have a good time while throwing darts. Enjoy food, drinks, pizza snack plates, and cocktails.
Enjoy the Sipsmith Distillery tour that includes a three-course ginspired feast along with a bottle of gin. You will enjoy and explore gin’s history that includes the eighteenth century where London was known as being addicted to this stuff.
Or enjoy a nightlife of Shamrock world with 7 of the greatest Irish Pubs in London. Where you can enjoy good live music, Irish stew and much more.

Nightlife in London

If it’s your first time out in London, you want to make it one of the greatest times ever! So what are the best places for a nightlife in London? Let’s give you a quick rundown:
Travel back in time to the 70s for an evening of Trailer Happiness lounge. This is one of the best cocktail bars you will find in London. Adorned in a Hawaiian style the staff here specializes in inventive twists in rum classics. They also perform fire shows by blowing alcohol to the ceiling while everybody cheers.
The Kensington bar is an exclusive club where you will see ladies modeling their latest designer dresses while listening to live music and DJ club bangers.
The sketch is another nightlife place in London where there is a balance between classy and trippy. You will see tearooms that give you a sense as if you were in an Alice and Wonderland movie and where you will enter a white large capsule resembling a UFO. You will dance the night away with electro jams and funky cocktails.
The Book Club is another nightclub in London where there are art murals splattered on the walls. The main lounge is for the new bands while if you walk downstairs you can party all night in the party basement.
Then there’s the Bethan Green Working Men’s Club where there’s always something unusual going on. Dance music, gaming, cabaret, open mic, and more. There are also gay nights that has become very popular and brings people from all over London.
The Notting Hill Arts Club is an edgier club where you can have a great and wonderful time with live bands and open mic.
The Busy Building is a huge concrete block that holds an arts center warehouse style club. It offers a variety of music from soul, funk, reggae, and hip-hop.

What You Need to Know About Nightlife in London

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